Governor Crist or Dictator Scott

Mr. Crist is a 57-year-old white man raise in the deep south. He is not a life long supporter of gay marriage, I know shocking. Neither the country as a whole nor the state of Florida are life long supporters of gay marriage. Times and attitudes change. By coming out in favor of gay rights earlier this year Mr. Crist has shown the courage of personal growth and the ability to adapt to changing times. He has naturally been criticized by those who are unable or unwilling to do so.

Medical Marijuana has the support of 87% of Floridians. As the top elected public servant in the state of Florida What is Governor Scotts reaction to the will of nearly 90% of the people in his state? To oppose their wishes.

Just these two issues easily contrast the candidates and their parties.

Governor Scott does not and has never acted as a public servant who is interested in the will of the people or the greater good. He has always been more of an arrogant CEO who dictated his will upon the people for the benefit of the few.

Once liberated from the ideological purity of the GOP Mr. Crist is showing himself to be the pragmatist he truly is. He would see himself as a governor to serve the will of the people not dictate to them.


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