Charlie Crist the next Governor of Florida

467298197-1787 Charlie Crist the once and future governor of Florida has shown himself to be a common sense pragmatist early in this years race. A refreshing tactic in this age of ideologues which has earned Mr. Crist a 10 point lead in the early polls.

Mr. Crist recently came out in favor of extending health coverage to nearly 1 million of the poor in Florida. Governor Scott has a different approach, he wishes to drug test the poor before feeding them. Voters will have a clear choice come November.

Former governor Crist has also announced his support for the medical marijuana amendment in Florida forcing governor Scott into the uncomfortable position of opposing an amendment favored by 87% of the voters overall and 70% of his own party.

Charlie Crist’s call for an end to the outdated and vindictive Cuban embargo was a bold move. It once again showed Mr. Crist to be a middle of the road pragmatist who listens to the voice of the people and not some ideologue who follows his own little cult no matter what.


Is there forgivenes without remorse?

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